New Process Corporation 

Holds paramount the idea that a consistently sustainable business operation is vital to success in the industry. Through communication with our customers, suppliers, and partners, we will continue to improve our products while simultaneously reducing our impact on the surrounding environment. NPC will be conscious of our decisions and reflect on their implications to ensure a responsible and ethical working environment.

In our efforts to succeed, NPC will:

Put the safety and well-being of our employees first. We will comply with all local, state, and federal environmental, health, and safety regulations. We will continue to meet these standards and implement new policies as they change. We will persistently inform our employees of all environmental, health, and safety issues and discuss what measures should be taken to avoid any incidence.

NPC will conduct critical, internal analysis of our production methods to ensure that everything within our influence is done to minimize wasteful manufacturing. NPC will hold annual review meetings to assess our methods and brainstorm new ideas to maintain and better a sustainable work flow.

NPC will promote an Earth-oriented attitude among our employees such that they may live and work in a sustainable manner. NPC wants our employees to be conscious of their actions. We will use our consumables more efficiently and make an effort to repurpose products that do not meet NPC quality standards. We will participate in programs such as CORE (Curriculum Opportunities & Resources for Educators) to turn unwanted or unusable material into an art supply resource for local school children.

NPC will use sustainable printing methods such as UV LED curing technology to reduce our release of pollutants and lower our energy consumption. We will perform preventative maintenance on our building and our equipment to ensure that all are operating in a safe and efficient manner.

NPC will communicate these objectives with our affiliates and the public to push forward our idea of sustainable business. NPC will continue to work for a successful, more sustainable tomorrow.


Matt Coffman
New Process Corporation
Fort Wayne, Indiana