New Process specializes in producing OEM product markings and point of purchase graphics including decals, OSHA warning labels, keypads, nameplates, and overlay materials. Our investments in the latest print technologies allow us to print on virtually any substrate and cut to any shape. These products include:


OEM Labels & DecalIMAG04682

We offer vinyl, mylar, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, and polyethylene to provide designed labels to suit a range of applications. From large, colorful graphics to serialized product identification labels, we have the tools and experience to deliver a high quality product with an efficient turnaround time. Whether an application requires die cutting, laminated labels, or digitally pre-kisscutted labels, New Process will deliver a full service label solution straight from their facility.



Point of Purchasestorefront2

Store displays are used to attract attention and entice a person to buy a product. These types of signs are called “point-of-purchase” (POP). Let New Process make your point-of-sale brilliant with banners, endcap displays, hangtags, static clings, window graphics, and more!






Polyurethane Doming

Get your design to pop with our doming solutions. Doming adds a layer of crystal clear polyurethane to your design that will protect the custom graphic underneath. A dome will lengthen the lifespan of your idea by making it more scratch and weather-resistant while at the same time adding an interesting and unique finish.



Graphic Membrane OverlaysIMAG0382a

New Process offers subsurface printing, which guarantees durability over years of use. Our digital & screen printing equipment produces bold, precise coloring, as well as selective texturing. We can accommodate any size and shape you need, and thicknesses ranging from .005″ to .020″ in polycarbonate and polyester.  Embossing, hard coating, laminating, and clear or tinted windows are all options our New Process account executives will recommend based on your specific application.

Our graphic overlays are an economical choice for panel faces in all industrial, commercial and medical products.  Overlays are engineered for intricate contouring, custom designed artwork, and embossing precisely for your equipment.



Control Panel Overlayscontrol-panels

Our control panel overlays offer durability and functionality for all equipment types with an attractive outward appearance.

Control panel overlays, are non-removable overlays that provide unique identification to your machinery’s control panels. Each overlay is designed foremost with function in mind, and is created from several different substrate options such as vinyl, metals, polycarbonate, and polyester. Overlay materials are resistant to UV rays, scuffs, abrasions, and chemical corrosion. Custom panel overlay labels extend the life of costly equipment and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. New Process manufactures custom control panel overlays for a wide range of industries and applications, including electronic equipment, fitness equipment, medical equipment & devices, and OEM products.

New Process ensures our customers’ satisfaction. Our knowledgeable account executives team works with each client to design an effective layout and color scheme that will streamline the interface between the user and the equipment.



Mass Label Sheets – Model Specific Label SetsMass-Label

New Process can supply decals on mass label sheets with different layout sizes, suitable for machine or hand-applied applications. Custom die cuts, stock dies, and other specialty applications are available to enhance your product. Mass label sheets are available for indoor or outdoor use.





Industrial / Harsh Environment Labels & DecalsIMAG0477a

When your applications demand durable materials that are resistant to tears, puncture, and harsh environments, New Process can develop solutions to help. We can custom engineer each solution by offering a variety of industrial labels that are designed to provide a long-lasting performance and effectively hold up under the harshest of conditions that vary in manufacturing and warehouse operation environments.

Our industrial labels have a listed category of selections of materials such as polyester labels, laminated labels, drum labels and many other material and design options. The knowledgeable and experienced staff at New Process can help you identify the ideal material and application options for your industrial labeling requirements.



Backlit Instrumentation – Gauge and Dial Faceplate Overlaysdials

Well-designed instrument dial and gauge faceplates help identify important controls and indicators at a glance. Colors and other visuals are often selected for contrast so that operators can easily and quickly identify and resolve potential equipment problems.

New Process produces instrument dial and gauge faceplates for recreational vehicles, agricultural & heavy duty, pressure & temperature gauges, and aftermarket automobile. Whether your product requires basic front lighting, single-color backlighting, or complex multi-color deadfronts, New Process has the experience and technology available to provide the look you need.The use of our laser cutting system with its optical registration allows us to consistently maintain the most stringent tolerances.



Pre-Spaced Cut Vinyl LetteringIMAG0447a

Pre-spaced cut vinyl lettering can create a distinctive look and can be applied to many types of surfaces. Available in limited colors, our pre-spaced cut vinyl lettering are digitally cut and do not require costly tooling. We can even style your pre-spaced cut vinyl lettering using special effects such as standard calendared vinyl, reflective vinyl, cast vinyl, and wall vinyl.




Metal Nameplates

IMG_9976-1024x682When precise specifications and the highest standards of quality are a priority, look to our metal nameplate experts at New Process.  Our high quality materials, custom designs, and professional attention to all specifications that make a project unique help us ensure that customers from every industry can depend on New Process for exceptional workmanship.

Metal nameplates fabricated from stainless steel and aluminum are available for customization according to the following industry standards; OSHA, ANSI, RoHS, and UL.



Petroleum Parts & GraphicsIMG_9964-1024x682

New Process Corporation manufactures a wide variety of IN-STOCK overlays, key pads, and decal replacement parts for the Petroleum Market. All parts are manufactured to OEM’s specification of a back-printed polycarbonate or vinyl material.

New Process can produce all the permanent decal graphics you see on any gas pump. Our pump decals label your pumps and provide customers with instructions and information they will need to complete the fueling process. They also keep customers informed on payment options available, fuel grade decals and more.



Magnetic Decals

Attract attention to your cause with an assortment of magnetic materials. Create vibrant and cost-effective decals that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Stick them to your car, fridge, or any other magnetic surface. Magnets can be a smaller alternative to fleet graphics.