New Process offers a wide variety of options to ensure that you receive the highest quality product. By keeping up with evolving production methods, we make sure that your ideas can become a reality. These services include:


Screen PrintingIMAG0537a

Go the traditional route with screen printed products from New Process. Using a combination of screen presses, our professionals can produce top of the line printed products to satisfy even your most detailed desire. Our dedication to excellence is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to manufacture industrial grade products that can withstand some of the harshest conditions.



Digital Printing

Our digital printing department utilizes state of the art ECO Solvent, ECO UV, and UV LED Presses to ensure the highest quality, digitally printed job available on the market. Our professionals take the time to color match each print to guarantee that you receive the same part every single time. Digital printing enables us to print on a much wider variety of material. From polycarbonates, to metals and much more, our Digital Department provides a simple solution to your printing needs.



Branding & Logo GraphicsIMAG0484a

Use your logo to express your company’s vision and commitments to your customers. From design, layout to color scheme, New Process can develop innovative ways to get your message across. We’ll match your current design or give you a new look entirely. Our efficient and high quality digital printing and screen press capabilities can provide a vibrant and unique image that is memorable to your company’s logo. We can custom engineer each solution by offering a category of selections of material options such as vinyl, mylar, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, and polyethylene.

The knowledgeable and experienced staff at New Process can help you identify the ideal material and application options for your branding requirements. New Process is here to help your company tell the world what you do and that you do it better than anyone else!



Industry Specific Standard Graphics – OSHA, ANSI, RoHS, & UL

The proper labeling and marking of your products is critical to your company’s success. Misrepresenting false information can hurt the credibility of the product you are selling. That’s why it’s important to have a label or decal that can communicate the necessary information. New Process Corporation follows the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards and is available to assist your company with the proper design requirements including the shape, color and size of your graphic marking. New Process also specializes in UL, OSHA, and RoHS labeling needs.

The account executive staff at New Process can offer assistance if you need help selecting the proper texture, thickness, size and finish of materials or design. New Process offers many different types of materials to meet your customized needs for graphic application. No matter how big or small the label, New Process can create warning and information labels that communicate clearly and help you meet stringent ANSI standards and any applicable regulations.
If you use numerous labels we can design a label sheet for you, reducing the number of parts you need to order, simplifying your inventory, and improving your quality control. Whether you need five labels or 5,000 labels, we can get the job done.

New Process complies with all rules and regulations set forth by OSHA, ANSI, RoHS, and UL.



Prototyping / Pre-Production

At New Process, we are your ideal partner to work with your organization in helping you develop your industrial grade decal, label and overlay materials. Our full-complement of digital production equipment can take any idea and rapidly prototype it to your size and printing specifications. As your specs change, we can be there to re-prototype until your final specifications are determined.


Digital Print on In-Stock Vinyl or Polyester – $100.00
UV Digital Print on In-Stock Vinyl or Polyester – $150.00

Digital Print and iCut on In-Stock Vinyl, Polyester, or Lexan – $200.00
Digital Print on In-Stock Polyester or Vinyl with Domed Finish – $350.00
Digital Plotted and Weeded/Pre-masked on In-Stock Vinyl – $100.00
Screen Print** (1st Surface) on In-Stock Vinyl or Polyester – $250.00

Screen Print** (1st or 2nd Surface) and iCut on In-Stock Polyester or Lexan – $350.00 Lamination of in-stock materials is available, but requires digital print and iCut.

Embossing and De-Embossing is available. Pricing for the die and labor is additional and quoted individually.

UL recognized constructions are available.

Prototyping investment for artwork and dies is credited to any future orders of the same printed product. All prototype orders receive 5 products of typical and nominal size. Know you are getting exactly what you want with our prototyping service.

*All artwork is provided by the customer. A minimum $50 charge will be added to make the artwork to print quality standards.

**An additional $30-$150 will be added to screen prints to cover the costs of producing screen



IMAG0358Digital Cutting Systems with Optical Registration

Using cutting edge technology, our iCut machine ensures that every part we produce is correct down to ±0.001″. This development method allows us to guarantee that you receive the exact same part every single time. Our professionals have years of experience manufacturing with various hardware and software applications. This ensures that your idea can be brought to life in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.



Lamination – Both Cold Seal & Heat SealIMAG0399a

Add a layer of lamination to your idea during the manufacturing process to increase its durability and give it that extra finished look. Our high grade, wear resistant laminate is idea for rougher environments to ensure that your design lasts for years to come.

The photo on the right  shows the effects lamination can have on parts. The product on the right shows an object before lamination, while the item on the left displays the enhancements a lamination layer can provide.



Adhesive Application – Full & Selective CoverageIMAG0402a

At New Process, we have in stock a wide variety of 3M laminating adhesives to meet your particular needs. New Process can help in the design stages of your project, as well as make suggestions that help in the fabrication and streamline assembly at your facility. We realize that in some applications adhesives may be laminated to a wide variety of substrates. We can provide either full or selective coverage of adhesive.



Embossing / De-bossing

Need to add some push buttons to your part? Get it embossed! Our embossing methods allow for multiple buttons to be directly integrated into your design. Every button is manufactured with extreme care to make sure that your idea can handle a long, full lifetime of repeated use. Our dedication to excellence is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to manufacture industrial grade products that can withstand some of the harshest conditions.

IMAG0432aThermal  & Steel Rule Die Cutting

Our die cutting technology allows us to produce nearly any quantity of parts that you need in a short amount of time. We can die cut a wide variety of our vinyl and polyester materials to produce a quick, clean, and finished looking design. We use a variety of machinery including a Digital Flatbed Die Cutter, a Clamshell Die Cutter, and a Clamshell Thermal Die Cutter to ensure we can make even your most creative ideas.

IMAG0355Inventory Management and Control

For repeat customers, New Process can keep your part stocked in our inventory system. Through this system, simply send us your order and we can immediately ship it directly to you. We work will all major delivery services (UPS, FEDex, USPS, ect…) to accompany any specific requests you may have. Eliminate the wait for a production run!