OEM Challenges & Prototyping Solutions

Exterior labels, overlays and nameplate failures are often unnecessarily accepted.  Failures are often identified defective from: 

1. Color (ink) is incorrect and fading.

2. Adhesive not adhering to the applied surface.

3. Material degradation or delamination.   

4. Specification(s) that will not meet expected results.


We assist OEM's identifying exterior Durable-Grade materials, inks and printing specifications that can prevent almost all failures.

As an UL authorized Label Supplier of UL Recognized Component Making & Labeling Systems we offer third party tested solutions. 

Experienced in-house Graphic Design & color spectrometry for consistent color and density measurement. 

Emblem & Doming solutions approved for Tier One Automotive and other OEM use. 

Rapid Protoype Design & Short-run production runs. 

We really are easy to reach and do business with!


Prototyping / Pre-Production

At New Process, we are your ideal partner to assist your organization develop your product identification, label and overlay materials. Our full-complement of digital and screen production equipment can take any idea and rapidly prototype it to your size and printing specifications. As your specs change, we can be there to revise your prototype until your final specifications are determined.

Suggested Pricing for 5 to 10 parts*:

Digital Eco-Solvent print on in-stock PSA Vinyl (lamination +$30) – $150.00 
Digital UV Print on in-stock PSA Vinyl or Polyester (lamination +$30) – $170.00

Digitaly print & Zund cut/weeded/pre-masked on in-stock PSA Vinyl or Polyester – $225.00

Screen-print UV* on in-stock PSA Vinyl or Polyester (no lamination) – $325.00
Screen-print UV* on in-stock PSA Vinyl or Polyester with lamination – $350.00

Digital Print UV and Zund cut on in-stock hard coated Vinyl, Polyester, or Lexan – $250.00
Screen Print UV* (1st or 2nd Surface up to 3 colors) Zund cut on in-stock hard coated Vinyl, Polyester, or Lexan – $400.00

Doming on digital print on in-stock PSA Polyester or Vinyl with Domed Finish – $350.00

MetalPhoto® Adonized aluminum nameplate prototypes are available from $400.00

KROMEX® prototypes are available from $3,500 including a small prototype mold. 

UL® RU C/US Mark and components & approved materials are available.

Digital drop-in artwork required or $75 hr. for proof files & set-up.
Embossing and De-Embossing is available. Pricing for dies is additional and quoted individually.

Prototyping investment for artwork and dies as applicable are credited to any future orders of the same printed product.

*All prototype orders receive between 1 to 5 and up to 10 products of typical and nominal size.